Stop thinking about him , because he’s not thinking about you.
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He’s surely not.

smellofperfume asked:
OMG am I in heaven or something *_*

Whyyyyy hahaha? ♥

Jetzt auf YouTube ansehen: James Arthur - All The World's A Stage (Full)

James Arthur - All The World’s A Stage (Full):


James at SoccerSix


 James has been nominated in 5 categories of the World Music Awards 

so get your votes in for the boy



whiteebony asked:
Kodeincobragang ist die Crew,so watch your back

Klar, aber erst nachdem ich meine Swaghetti Yolonese gegessen habe.


N-JOY LIVE LOUNGE: James Arthur - Certain Things

Beautiful performance guys :) Everyone should watch, defo.